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Sandy's Community Involvement

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in the world, loved by both visitors and residents.

​Let’s keep it that way!

I have served Sedona for 46 wonderful years, including serving on three committees over a 15-year period to incorporate Sedona as an Arizona city in January 1988.

I stand for:
1. Sound financial management. That means continuing my track record of balanced budgets that include rainy day savings and spending on projects that protect our properties, pocketbooks, and natural surroundings, and provide cultural and recreational amenities for all residents.

2. Traffic improvements. You asked for better traffic flow and more connections. The required planning for 12 projects in the Transportation Master Plan is underway with construction expected in the fall. Let's keep it going.

3. Sustainable tourism. Let's work together to protect both our tourism revenues and quality of life by involving everyone in the discussion about how to find a balance that sustains a strong local economy and the small-town qualities that we all moved here for.  

4. Protecting Sedona's natural environment. We must actively monitor the health of our community and the environment, and commit resources and take action when needed to protect our scenic beauty, forest trails, peace and quiet, and dark skies.

5. Change Arizona law governing short-term rentals. The “sharing economy” is here to stay but we must be able to manage short-term rentals in order to sustain long-term rentals and other housing types that are so important to our community.

Let’s continue our successes and our track record of balanced budgets, address the challenges of traffic, support a healthy economy, and continue the tradition of professional, competent city management.

I ask for your vote in the Aug. 28, 2018, primary election.

Please note: The last day to request an early ballot this year is August 17.  

Sandy Moriarty


Sedona • Arizona

Basic Voting Information -Yavapai County

  • To request a ballot by mail contact our office, either verbally or in writing, email, or through our Early Ballot Request website no sooner than 93 days or no later than 11 days prior to an election. (We start mailing the ballots 27 days prior to the Election).

  • If you will be out of town through the early voting period you may request that an early ballot be mailed to the address where you will be staying.

  • You may vote in person from 27 days prior to the election up to 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the election at our offices at 1015 Fair St, Room 228 in Prescott or 10 S 6th St in Cottonwood for Vote Center elections.  For Vote by Mail elections, in person voting is available until 7:00PM on Election Day.

2018 Mayoral Election - August 28

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• Served on three committees to get Sedona incorporated from 1972 to 1987, when an election to incorporate Sedona succeeded

• Served as Chair of the West Sedona Community Plan Advisory Committee for Yavapai County just prior to Sedona incorporation

• Appointed to first City Council in January 1988

Served on City of Sedona Housing Commission for 6 years

• Vice Chair of the City’s WEDLU Task Force for 2 years

• Theater manager, Illuminate Film Festival

• Served on the Board of the Sedona Forum and the Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs, its successor

• Served on the Board of AYSO Region 232 as Treasurer, Regional Commissioner & Area Director for 17 years, was also a coach and referee

• Served as a Sedona Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

• Served as Treasurer of Southwest Public Recycling Association

• Served on the Founding Committee and on the Board of the Verde Valley Wine Consortium

• Founder with Kate Blevins and Rayna Griffin of Sedona Recycles Inc  & served on the Board as Treasurer for close to 20 years

• Founder and Director of Sedona Winefest in 2009, currently President of Sedona Fair Inc, its parent organization
​ • Serves on the Board as Treasurer of the Arizona Housing Alliance

Dedicated to Sedona for 46 Years