Sandy was one of the founders of Sedona Recycles and is dedicated to progressive management of recyclable materials. 

Issues & Priorities

Sandy studying materials during  a session of the City of Sedona Contract Review Committee.

Sedona • Arizona

You told the city to take action, and we have. After extensive study and public comment, our Transportation Master Plan received overwhelming approval from residents, and we are in motion on improvements.

Let’s keep it going!

The city’s Transaction Privilege Tax, the majority of which is paid by visitors, has already begun funding the designs for $10 million in new access roads and new walking and biking pathways for Sedona residents, improvements to manage visitor traffic during busy periods, visitor transit to reduce cars in the canyon, and sign technology designed to mitigate backups on SR 179.

Equally important, City Council has directed the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to find ways to ensure that our tourism industry moves toward sustainability instead of constant growth with a model that balances critically important visitor revenues with limits that protect our quality of life.

Tourism dollars sustain our local business owners and their employees, and the services and amenities we receive. Sedona will continue to grow, along with every other city and town in Arizona as the West continues to draw new residents. We can’t stick our heads in the desert sand. We must continue to talk with each other about solutions, and we must continue to move forward on the traffic management plans that Sedona residents overwhelmingly approved last fall. 

Balanced budget & fiscal responsibility

The city is required by Arizona law to adopt a balanced budget every July, and to live within our means.

We must balance our priorities to meet the needs of residents and business owners, and make sure that we are saving enough for a rainy day without hoarding funds that should be used to make our community more beautiful and more liveable.

In 2020 and beyond, that means investing funds in managing our transportation challenges by improving road design, investing in Uptown traffic flow improvements, building more walking and biking corridors, connecting neighborhoods to ensure access for emergency responders, and creating adequate parking for businesses and visitors.

Our Sedona in Motion transportation improvements will maximize visitor tax dollars by leveraging contributions and grants from the federal government and state. We are actively engaging with these partners and moving forward on strategies designed to reduce the number of cars in Oak Creek Canyon through shuttle services to provide transit services throughout Sedona and to create roadways to help residents bypass visitor choke points at the north end of Uptown, the Y and Schnebly Hill Road.

(Keep up with Sedona in Motion issues on the cities website HERE

Protect Sedona's natural beauty and quality of life

We all choose to live in Sedona because of its stunning natural beauty, clean air, water and small town feeling. We must protect what makes Sedona unique.

That means protecting our trails, dark skies, neighborhoods, and peace and quiet.

I will continue to promote policies and champion programs that promote environmental sustainability, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, walkability, green building codes and smart land management. All of this can be done while ensuring that our city codes are sensible, efficient and not burdensome to homeowners and business owners.